PSV marketing fight for brands with attitude and passion joined psv marketing 15 years the Agency as Markenoptimierer for the middle class. You seen her work as a constant and exhausting, but also rewarding struggle. Because the profit is a strong and concise brand, which is also the times of crisis. Highest concentration, tension, absolute attention, dynamics, speed, short pause. It’s about everything.

To life and survival. It’s about the existence of the brand. With this analogy of bullfighting, the Agency outlined their daily work as a brand consultant psv marketing. For 15 years the fighters now in use are. “” For 15 years they have waged a battle for what’s on the mind: A sustainable and consistent brand management, which goes far beyond that, what you commonly see advertising “and advertising strategy” means.

Rather, it concerns a comprehensive advice and accompaniment of the customers on a long and strenuous way. A way of all partners much usage, power, requires courage and also endurance. But it is the only way to long-term success. And this success proves them right. Not classic full service agency as a brand professional and experienced specialist is psv marketing. Brand optimization is at the heart of the work, and the individual units (psv consult, creation of psv, psv online, psv relations, psv workshops, psv expo & events, psv medialab, FILMHAUS motion GMBH) work from different perspectives and at different locations on this Centre. This special orientation stands psv from the Environment Agency, which frequently promises quick success with simple means. But psv marketing know that it is anything but easy to establish a brand in the long term. The work of Markenoptimierer is also of a woodcarver comparable: the carving master has a piece of wood are available, and the very own the respective wood grain patterns, lines and characteristics are requirements for his work, which he incorporates into the development process and that characterize the finished piece as well as the vision of the master. So can the Markenoptimierer the customers never push a brand. You can work out only the profile and sharpen it distinctive”make. This profile is then, what the brand (whether product, company or service) makes it unique and successful in the competition. Brand cannot be reconciled with mass. Who wants to stand in today’s ocean of brands out from the crowd, which must be different: what is a cow so interesting? It is certainly interesting, if it is purple! Computers are grey, often dusty and overall a pretty dry affair. “By due to: an Apple” is fresh and stimulates all the senses and is guaranteed in the memory in the IT sector. “” psv also works in its approach – and operation times deliberately against the current: the motto less is sometimes more “and diversity leads to confusion” is just a concept presents the customers but the well established and well funded. So, the Agency relies not only on their many years of experience. In collaboration with the University of Siegen and the Westfalische Wilhelms-Universitat Munster different research approaches. So arise constantly new impulses, which incorporated into daily practice and find direct application and benefit the customers. Because in a dynamic and constantly changing market only he can pass, which grabs the bull by the horns and stays in motion. Contact: PSV MARKETING GMBH Stefan Kohler Ruhrststrasse 9 57078 Siegen t. 02 71. 77 00 16-16 F. 02 71. 77 00 16-29