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Congress Centrum Mainz

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Who restarts talks on agile software development on September 20 BASTA!, the European Conference and trade fair around.NET technology. Without hesitation Rudy Giuliani explained all about the problem. The Hanseatische software-development and Consulting GmbH is already for the tenth time and offers re-sizeable information around the.NET area. The business areas of software development, consulting and infrastructure throughout the software development process are presented and presented on the basis of current projects of the Software House. With two sessions on September 20, 2010 shows project manager Frank Dusterbeck, as with agile methods in the field of software development to achieve success. In agile software development, the demands on all involved change due to the high flexibility and mobility: the customer is wrapped tight and strong. The project itself is created in short iterations, reaching the target with small and flexible steps.

This can be achieved only with high discipline, but to improve at the same time planning, measurability, responsiveness and quality. Exactly like this “can work Dusterbeck explains a with the requirements of the project management structuring of the agile project beginning at 9:30 in the session”. On the other hand he shows quality management as guarantees quality in such projects with proven concepts to 13.30 under the heading in agile projects”. Applications to the BASTA! under 2010 the level of the HEC is located in the Rhine Gold Hall of the Congress Centrum Mainz. Contact person is Frank Dusterbeck. About the HEC Hanseatische software -, Entwicklungs – und Consulting GmbH: The HEC Hanseatische software – Entwicklungs – und Consulting GmbH stands for over 20 years of software development, consulting and system integration. Work is done across all industries and vendor-neutral for medium-sized and larger companies. The company employs around 80 workers at plants in Bremen and Munich. In 2008, the company has introduced an employee participation: 20 percent of the company since then include the employees. Contact: ReitzensteinSteering – Agency for PR and CSR GbR franca Reitzenstein guarding road 17 24 28195 Bremen phone: 0421-949 38 23



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coresystems Inc. United States conquered the market by storm with its next generation apps & solutions in the SAP environment. Over 35,000 users worldwide already use the proven added value apps and will benefit from a significant increase in effectiveness in daily business. The easy-to-use principle evokes equally huge enthusiasm among users, analysts, and journalists. Windisch/New York, August 3, 2010, In February 2010 was the coresystems United States Inc., subsidiary of Swiss coresystems ag, in New York City at the start, to conquer the market in North America with its instant value apps in the SAP environment. Especially in Europe business one has become coresystems long as market leader for innovative additional solutions for SAP. Globally recognized analysts, and market research institutes predict independently that coresystems with its next generation apps & solutions has laid the foundations for a new form of IT-business and thereby abdicate as a lengthy, costly IT projects can be.

Run the on-demand solutions in the cloud and require either consulting or maintenance. This allows small and medium sized enterprises to significantly streamline their daily business for minimal budget. The market for cloud-based business applications is enormous and coresystems belongs worldwide to the few companies, which already offers a comprehensive on-demand product range. Beta in the Apple app store to download available (see…) plays coresuite mobile for free in version 0.9. Coresuite mobile, it is possible to access, for example, with the iPhone (available soon for iPad, BlackBerry and Google Android), master data and information from SAP business one, to edit service calls, record working times and to allow functionality on the service maps show the GEO location. The integrated dashboard to graphically display current company figures and complete the scope of coresuite mobile as a mobile ERP system. We allowed our next generation apps & solutions during our very short presence in North America impressively demonstrate how exciting, SAP business one can be modern and effective,”reported Arti Sahgal, General Manager of the coresystems United States Inc..


Quitting Smoking

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There are many calls we received asking about the system used to help quit smoking (Laser power system) and most of the questions that demonstrate the smoker's fear of not being able to get it, some of them who have tried different methods of market without success and others have not even tried. This fear is the result of many years of negative psychological bombardment have received, all false and baseless. Are well known phrases: "When I leave I miss something" .- Not true, when you leave and enjoy your new status, you realize that you've missed ever, it is not necessary at all, just is a need for addiction. It would be like saying that when driving an automatic car is only brake and accelerator, "lacks the clutch" and not true, what is left is the left foot, turn away and enjoy driving without the hassle of changing gears. Humans are expert at creating dependencies while wishing contradicts freedom. A good example is the coffee, when you tell a smoker to stop taking it for a few days, some exclaim that it is impossible and sometimes the same thing happens when you advise them to leave a few days the alcohol. We live to create habits and psychological dependency, therefore, limit our freedom, we can prove this with some examples: Do you sit always in the same chair, the sofa or bedside? .- When someone comes and occupies, feels displaced, something is missing you. Do you often use the same streets to get to work, etc..?, Do you feel upset if they cut the street and have to find another alternative?.


US Transportation Security Administration

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Trauma terror attack like hardly another topic is discussed these days flight safety. There is talk of body scanners and explosives detectors. As the holiday Portal reported, is the entry into the United States as particularly cumbersome. Since the attacks of September 11, 2001, the United States is how traumatized. Aircraft is considered to be dangerous and therefore meticulously passengers prior to their trip to the United States must be x-rayed.

This applies in particular to passengers from the countries of the Middle East or Africa. The course through the body scanners apply to you for a long time as mandatory. The thwarted attack of a Nigerian last year resulted in a further tightening of security instructions: so let the US Transportation Security Administration said that travelers should no longer leave their seat in the last hour of their flight to the United States. Moreover, should they stopped by the flight attendants to be, to any objects on your lap have. How the airlines can enforce these rules, will show in the coming weeks and months. Another point on the United States travelers need to adapt is an entry fee of ten dollars. Around seven euros, which must then pay travelers from Europe are equivalent. More information:… Contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59


Boston Tourism

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Boston was founded in 1630 and is one of the oldest cities in the United States. Located on the northeast coast, some 320 km north of New York, Boston has warm summers with an average of 28 uC in July and cold winters with snow: the average temperature in January is -6 UC. Being the largest city in New England, Boston is considered the economic and cultural center of the region and is sometimes referred to as the "Capital of New England" unofficially. In 2008 the city had a population of 609 023 inhabitants, making it the twenty-second most populous city in the country. Boston is also the hub of a considerable greater metropolitan area called Greater Boston, with a population of 4.5 million, the tenth largest metropolitan area in the nation.

It has an undeniable cultural significance in the United States to be the source of the Revolutionary War and home to several of its bloodiest battles. He was also later a pioneer in the movement abolicionista.Boston is a comfortable city to be visited on foot and has several marked paths. The most famous and popular is the Freedom Trail, approximately 4 km and passing through the most famous of the American Revolution. The whole route is marked on the ground by a red line, so it is impossible to miss. There are other routes, such as the Women s Black Heritage or Heritage.Todos these routes are useful for visiting the sights of the city, but it is advisable to depart from them if we know the true Boston and typical gente.Es in Boston search the best deals on Filenea s Basement or stroll through Faneuil Hall, a historic market built in 1742. .