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Government Suite KG

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ComLine and bremen online services link their technologies to the implementation of the EU services directive the bremen online services GmbH & co. KG (bos KG) is pleased about a further participants in the partner program: the Dortmund company ComLine has opted for the Governikus technology and integrates the Governikus Web signer in his helic Government suite. So authorities can offer in future electronic applications together with the qualified electronic signature and sign legally binding by the users directly in the application. Forms, such as for example business registrations after the EU services directive, provided in the helic application portal. The high importance the the bos KG on an ease of use of the product group Governikus signer sets, in this case, benefit the user: the helic application portal is complemented in his view only to another function.

The user fills out the document online and can then attach a qualified electronic signature on the application. Requires the possession of a signature card. The Governikus Web signer created the signature and thus guarantees the legal validity of the form. The application should then go safely via OSCI to the competent authority. There, the points of single contact (EA) confirms the receipt of the document.

Case management of the helic Government Suite brings together all necessary information from the forms and clearly represents it to the EA. The integrated deadline monitoring ensures a timely processing of applications based on the time stamp. If all required information is available, a request about the Ibrahim case management to the competent body, such as commercial office or Chamber of skilled crafts, is forwarded. Governikus ensures the right secure data transport. Governikus uses OSCI, the Protocol standard for right-secure data exchange with the German Government. A signature can also be installed at the exit of the documents. In the course of cooperation the ComLine AG aims for the certification of the helic application portal as ” Governikus compatible product in two classes A (OSCI-transport for data exchange) and C (integration of Governikus Web signer’s) at. “With the integration of the products of the bos we rounded off our helic Government Suite KG.” Authorities can provide so the documents online and at the same time right sure to prove their authenticity. The functional diversity of Governikus and the already existing high acceptance of the solution in the institutions and agencies have convinced us absolutely”called Stephen Schilling, Board of ComLine AG, the reasons for the cooperation. Dr. Stephan Klein, Managing Director of the bremen online services GmbH & co. KG added: “by partnering with the ComLine AG shows again that Governikus can be easily integrated into other products. Fast efficient solutions available that help for example in the implementation of the EU services directive stand.”



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However, the sistmica arterial hipertenso is one of more important factors of risk for cardiovascular illnesses increasing the index of death for WENT (BRAZIL, 2006). It has you evidence of that certain styles of life, such as rich diet in saturated fat and calrica, little physical activity and tobaccoism, play important function in the development of the arteriosclertica illness, especially the coronariana, in the great majority of the population. In many individuals this style of life takes to the adverse changes in the characteristic physiological biochemists and of the organism, contributing for arteriosclerose and cardiac complications (STEFANINI et al, 2004). However, it has of being led in consideration that exists in many individuals an important component genetic in the individual susceptibility for the development of arteriosclerose, even so its nature until the moment is not understood, this genetic susceptibility can intervene with the characteristic physiological biochemists and, speeding up the process of the illness. This genetic component is defined as genetic inheritance or not-modifiable characteristics (ANDREOLI, 2002). In century XX it had a great impulse in the treatment WENT of it with a significant reduction for so low levels as 8% of hospital mortality. However, nor always mortality was low thus, was considered that in to the first THEY WENT it decade was fatal. Such reality alone was to modify with the introduction of the units of intensive therapy in the specialized coronarianas unit and 1960 decade, improving the assistance to the patients with WENT (RATTON, 1999). With the sprouting of the coronarianas units consequently it had technological evolution in urgency hospitals and therapeutical emergency with respect to equipment and projects, translated in the refined hemodinmica monitorizao more, among others. Therefore the centralization of these resources in a unit results in the use most efficient for a trained team that aims at the optimum attendance, in the adjusted time, with efficiency and effectiveness (CINTRA et al, 2003). Add to your understanding with NYC Marathon.


Alfredo Munoz Analyzes

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Studying the economic assessments to understand the urban structures in emerging countries as us says Alfredo Munoz, graduated in architecture in Spain, founder ABIBOO Architecture and PhD in architectural design in U.S.A.: India presents characteristics shared with the rest of Eastern countries and at the time, presents another series of very particular properties to be studied in detail in order to understand the new urban structures and infrastructural of the country. Accompanying the hand to the socio-cultural transformation, result of globalization, is the economic engine as the basis for this transformation. That is why fundamental study economic assessments to understand the urban structures of the emerging countries, even more so bearing in mind that in those countries are these economic pressures that generally promote, organise and structure the new infrastructural and urban spaces of the city. It will be finally, alludes Alfredo Munoz, and as a result of the characteristics and socio-cultural and economic circumstances of a place, when we study the urban typologies and infrastructure. In the case of India we can observe that the topology, understood as a science of the connectivities, is approaching ever closer to the form of explanation of new urbanism, where important things architecturally are not the object in itself but the space-time between them relations.

ABIBOO Architecture founder wants to emphasise that in the urban environment, this topology leads to a concentrated, extensive space and spongiform causing different relationships between the natural and artificial, relations which can doubtfully continue posing in terms of insinuated sporns. The model city and European public space gives way in the case of India and much of the BRICs to other organizations more open, more dysfunctional and where the line of conceptual separation between infrastructure and public space is increasingly finer, arriving to merge both in the majority of cases. ABIBOO Architecture offers an innovative architectural design, which has always been present in its international architecture ranging from the interior design and furniture, through architectural design of multitude of typologies, to urban design and Landscape. More information at: Spain – Madrid Breton de Herreros 61, 1-D, Madrid, 28003. T: + 34.

91. 130. 2506 USA – New York 328 3rd Street, Jersey City, NJ 07302. T: + 1. 201. 855. 9157 India – 9 Chennai Mahatma Gandhi Road, Nugambakkam, Chennai, 600034. T: + 91 9962064626 author: Pilar Esteban, head of communications for Markarte ( about ABIBOO Architecture ABIBOO Architecture is an international architecture and Design Studio with headquarters in Madrid, New York and Madras, whose philosophy promotes innovation and sophistication. His designs are notable for their pursuit of excellence and exclusivity, responding to the complex needs of the society in the 21st century.


Roads Not Classified

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Beyond satisfying the necessities of the Railroad and Maritime transports, with the creation of transporting companies with fleets of camies of great tonnage in the regions North, center and South of the country, it contributed significantly for the constant carried load growth in how much in the past this activity it was concentrated particularly in the maritime transports. The scarcity of cabotage ships implied a great dependence of this way of transport on the part of the economic agents with limitations of space and constant delay of sending and reception of merchandises, for such in the 1972 ends, the net of roads totalized 25000km. Of this total, 3375km was alcatroadas that they bound the main urban centers of the south region of the country and throughout the coast. On cities for alcatroadas roads are: Maputo-Xai-Xai; Chkw-Xai-Xai; Xai-Xai-Inhambane-Side; Chimoio-Tete; Nampula-Nacala. Gain insight and clarity with Rudy Giuliani. Also it has alcatroadas secondary roads in the outskirts of Lichinga and Quelimane. 3,1 Classification of the national roads According to report of the ANE (2004) Moambique has a classified net of 051 roads of 25 km, of which 4 300 km are primary roads, 7 621 km are secondary, and 13 130 km are tertiary. It stops beyond the classified roads still exist not classified district roads and, esteem itself that they perfaam about 9 281 extension km. The total net would correspond therefore about 34 332 km. To see annex (table 1). The present system of classification defines the net of roads as if it follows: 3.1.1 Primary roads? roads that bind to the provincial capitals and the main centers; roads that bind to these centers the bordering ranks and main ports; roads that constitute international corridors, binding the neighboring countries to the ports; 3.1.2 Secondary roads? roads that bind the provincial centers, maritime and fluvial ports, and other econmicas zones of relief, to the provincial capitals or the net of primary roads; 3.1.3 Tertiary roads? roads that bind the district population centers and zones of econmica activity to the national net of roads or a provincial capital; Roads Not Classified that bind villages, or small areas of econmica activity, to the classified net of roads.


American Snake

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Tourists from all over the world come to Namibia to see her wonderful nature and unique wildlife, including the 'desert' elephants. Now the desert 'elephants remained no more than 240 individuals, with females – less than 60. Even the shooting of a few giants will bring unpredictable consequences for the entire population, scientists say. A similar fate awaits the wild dogs in Namibia, which is now on the verge of extinction. Every year they number is reduced by at least 10%, now in the country there are about 200-250 individuals.

They are found in 24 African countries, but their numbers are so small that the entire continent, there are now no more than 3-5 thousand of these animals. Wild, or as they are sometimes called, the Cape hunting dog, in the northeast of the country, unprotected from hunting areas. Their weight ranges from 16 to 36 kg, life expectancy – about 10 years. Zoologists believe that to maintain the ecological balance of wild dogs should be protected. They are fewer and fewer places, native habitats – grasslands and steppes of South Africa – are increasingly being used for grazing.

Ruthless extermination of these animals, the Red Book, can cause their extinction. Scientists have discovered the smallest snake in the world last week, American biologists said the discovery at Eastern Caribbean island of Barbados's smallest snake in the world. The length of the snake, which was named Leptotyphlops carlae, does not exceed ten inches. Leptotyphlops carlae belongs to the family uzkorotyh snakes and is the smallest among the more than three thousand species of snakes on the planet. Its size is comparable to the size of an earthworm, and its main food are the larvae of termites and ants. However, found the snake is not the most representative of the smallest vertebrate animals. According to various statements, that title belongs to a Sumatran carp, or a special type of fish-parasitic angler. According to scientists, the largest and most small animals are found mostly on the islands. This is due to the fact that ecosystems are formed in their niches that are occupied on the continent by someone else. For example, in Barbados do not live centipedes, which usually feed on the larvae of ants and termites. Adapting, snakes fill this gap, while significantly decreased in size. To view the complete version of the article and discuss it here you can: