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It entered in a hospitable center after having been of trip in Europe. The musician characterized by his mixture of political expressions and recited verses. He dragged a strong addiction to the cocaine during part of his life. The American musician Gil Scott-Heron, whose fusion of political expressions, recited verses and minimalist percussions was worth the nickname to him of " godfather of rap" , Friday in New York died the past, to the 62 years. According to the newspaper New York Daily News, the artist informs, who dragged during years a strong addiction to the cocaine, passed away St.

Luke&#039 in center; s of Manhattan, where it had entered after becoming ill to his return from a trip to Europe. Scott-Heron became pioneer of the culture hip-hop in 1971, with the subject revolution will not sees televised, in which it resorted to the word spoken to attack the superficiality of massive mass media and to suggest them true interesting histories were outside the mediatic reach. That provocative message inspired years later to dozens of artists of rap, from Common and Public Enemy to Kanye West, that has used fragments of its songs for its own subjects. After knowing the death Scott-Heron, the vocalista of Public Enemy, Chuck D, lamented the loss in its account of Twitter. " We do what we do and how we do due to you " , rapero wrote, that had worked recently in a project with the musical deceased.

Been born in Chicago, Scott-Heron grew in Tennessee and the Bronx, where it drank of the sources of the blues and Literature, since her mother was librarian. Although it affirmed in many occasions that considered a pianist, was at the same time poet and novelist, besides a black radical ideologist, who was inspired to compose in the movement, the time, the places and the changes of station. Between more than 120 subjects than it composed for his discs emphasizes the first American black hymn against the apartheid in South Africa, Johannesburg, and the song on the contemporary alcoholism The bottle. Scott-Heron was, in addition, professor of creative writing, poetry and novel in the University of Johns Hopkins and the one of the District of Columbia, both in the American capital. Source of the news: Gil Scott-Heron, ' godfather of rap' , it passes away to the 62 years


White Christmas

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