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That is, when you watch "Sex and the big city "with Russian subtitles, in effect, it's more like reading a book in Russian, rather than watching a movie in English. It is quite another thing if you look foreign films with foreign subtitles as, or better yet – Do without them. At the beginning of training, when in rapid speech, you have hardly separate one word from another, foreign subtitles can be very helpful. You will feel the melody and rhythm of language, while emphasizing individual words and memorizing them. Particularly useful at this stage to watch those movies that you already know in Russian, which is about know what to tell the characters in a given time. So you will understand what is happening on the screen, and your Motivation will not be weakened because of the unfamiliar and the apparent flow of such a complex vocabulary.

Later, when you're more familiar with the language, you can start watching movies without subtitles, trying to understand heard only on hearing. If at first it will be difficult, you can periodically stop the video and the wind off back. At this stage, more responsible and diligent you work, the greater the result will get. No need to watch movies ticks (although if you each day will view one film at least one eye, doing household chores, you can still move up in the very language). To get a really tangible results within a short time, with movies need to really work.

Rewind and try to understand the places where you find it difficult to parse words. Memorize vocabulary. Listen to the pronunciation: Stress, stress and intonation. Delve into the styles of speech: where you hear the Oxford English, and where – the language of New York's black gangs? As you guessed it, eventually you will get not only progress in the language, but also a good knowledge of the realities and culture of the countries whose language you are learning. You have the opportunity of a very reliable source to observe how people tend to react to these or other aspects of life, as well as the situations in which they communicate. After all, a movie (if it's not a fantasy) is very often a reflection of our lives. A yet you get a great bonus – a good time! After all, we all love to watch movies! So let's do it with the benefit! By the way, in my course you will, inter alia, to find information on where to find the different videos and films in various foreign languages, as well as proven and effective methods of memorizing vocabulary! Watch movies in a foreign language, learn the language yourself – and your progress in language acquisition will come very soon! And now – an interesting resource about the development of foreign languages: – Lots of links to a variety of materials on a variety of foreign languages. Language Resource – English Best regards, Sergey Vasilenkov e-mail for communication: serg753 (dog) 'Universal methods improved foreign languages! '- Master the language independently and effectively


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Power used in global terawatt (TW), between 1965 and 2005 .
Power used in global levels of increasing detail
Energy intensity of different economies The graph shows the amount of energy that is needed to produce a dollar of GNP for selected countries. The GNP is referred to purchasing power parity in 2004, and 2000 dollars adjusted for inflation .
Energy consumption per capita versus GDP per capita The graph represents the energy per capita versus green energy income per capita of all countries with more than 20 million people, representing over 90 of the world’s population. The image shows the broad relationship between wealth and energy utility company consumption .
GDP and energy consumption in Japan from 1958 to 2000. The data show a strong correlation between GDP and energy use, but also shows that this link may be broken. After the oil crisis of 1973 and 1979 the use of enegia stagnated while Japan’s GDP continued to grow after 1985, under the influence of low oil prices, energy use returns to its historical relationship with GDP .
World energy supply in TW
Oil Decline of the other remaining 57 ZJ of oil on the planet. The annual consumption of oil in2005 electricity was 0.18 ZJ. There is significant uncertainty regarding this information. if you are looking for the best electricity and gas deals, then you must consider in New York 11 ZJ of future additions of extractable reserves could be optimistic.
Renewable energy sources worldwide at the end of 2006. Source: REN21
Available renewable energy. The volume of environment the cubes represent the amount of geothermal energy, wind deregulation and solar available in TW, while only a small part is recoverable. The small red cube shows the overall energy consumption in proportion .
Solar energy as it spreads over the planet and radiated back into space. The values listed in PW running water 1015 watts .
In this article we buying green employ the units, prefixes, and the magnitudes of the International System Power in Watts or Watts (W) leading suppliers of electricity and natural gas and energy in Joules (J), to directly compare the sun and organic matter consumption and energy resources worldwide. One watt is one joule per second.
Total world energy consumption in 2005 was 500 EJ ( 5 x 1020 J) (or 138,900 TWh) to 86.5 from burning fossil fuels, although there are at least 10 of uncertainty in these data. This equates to an average power of 15 TW ( 1.5 x 1013 W). Not all the world’s economies track their energy consumption with the same rigor, and the exact energy content of a barrel of oil or ton of coal varies widely in quality. The bulk of global energy resources from solar irradiation of utilities the Earth – wind some of this energy is stored in the form of fossil energy, another part of it is usable in direct or indirect such as via wind power, hydraulic or of the waves. part of the , is one of the leading energy suppliers in NY State The term solar constant is the amount of solar radiation incident per unit New York State area, measured on the outer surface of the Earth’s atmosphere, in a plane perpendicular to the rays. The solar constant includes all types of solar radiation, not just visible light. Satellite measurements of the situation around 1366 watts per square meter, while a 6.9 fluctuation throughout the year – from 1412 W / m at the beginning of sustainable energy resources January until the 1321 W / m in early July, given the variation the distance from the Sun, a few thousand parts per day. For the Earth, complete with a cross section of 127,400,000 KMA , the power obtained is 1740 -1017 watts, about 3.5 gas .
The estimates of remaining worldwide energy resources vary, with an ESCOs estimated resource of about 0.4 fossil YJ (1 YJ 1024J) and available nuclear fuels such environment as uranium exceeding 2.5 YJ. The range of fossil fuels is growing up 0,6-3 YJ if estimates of reserves of methane hydrates are accurate and if they get their extraction is technically possible. Mainly due to the Sun, the world has access to a usable energy that exceeds 120 PW (8,000 times the total used in 2004), or 3.8 YJ / yr, dwarfing all non-renewable resources.


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The chestnut and the cashew, although to be temporary activity, are responsible for good part of the income of the population, beyond all the production of circunvizinhanas to converge to Aruaru, heating the wholesale trading, retail and the popular fair. The feirantes come of the neighboring cities for the fair that always happens to the sundays. Together with the local commerce they represent the biggest sector of income generation and circulation of currency. The cattle one tends to place Aruaru as important milk producer, cheese, and etc. the creation of bovines, goat swines, ovinos and comes blunting as an important alternative economic activity. The fishing activity is not developed.

The River Pirang, food source during the winter, turned desert during the summer. But, with the construction of the Dam of Jambs it was perenizado. The fishing activity comes growing with the formation of criatrios of fish as: of face, curimat, and etc. Already exists the shed of the fishing, place where the fish commercialization will have to transit. The bee honey represents great possibilities of generation of job and income. The beehives of Italian bees, implanted with the support of the Project Queen are several and the BNB. The Association Is Joo Baptist represents the beekeepers of Aruaru.

The moveleira industry, in a recent past, lived its moments of glory. You would saw prospered providing to job and income. With the foundation of the Association of the Moveleiros and support of the SEBRAE, Aruaru was located as important moveleiro industrial district of the Cear, getting repercussion in all domestic territory and also in New York for intermediary of the current Ciro minister Gomes. The association had the state as bigger estudantis wallet purchaser. Unhappyly, had the new law of licitations, the state left to execute this paper and, consequently, the number of you would saw have diminished frightfully provoking unemployment. This situation could be reverted if Aruaru to receive the support that it needs to grow. Text removed of the research ' ' Movement Aruaru Independente' ' Author of the text: Alzenira Rodrigues



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Psychoanalyst – size travels from New York to Cologne, August 05, 2009. The Cologne therapy days”are held for five years by the Academy for behavioral therapy AVT ( as the expert forum and training event for psychotherapists. Renowned lecturers and lecturers bring your insights of psychotherapy research and practice an audience here. “Otto F. of core mountain’s workshop ubertragungsfokussierte psychotherapy with neurotic personality structure” informs about a psycho-dynamic treatment that was developed on the basis of object relations theory.

Unlike as in the classical psychoanalytic setting not the pathological interaction pattern of the patients on the basis of his previous experience of the relationship will focus on this. Rather, on the basis of a differentiated diagnosis of psycho-dynamic structure which takes place in the patient-therapist relationship unconscious repetition pathogenic, internalised relationship experiences is made visible. In the workshop, the concrete approach is based on illustrated by case examples. This typical interaction development and dealing with the problems that may be related are illuminated. Core’s work and publications about personality disorders are considered standard works in psychotherapy and have won several awards. He was awarded as the Heinz Hartmann award of the New York Psychoanalytic Institute, the Edward A.

Strecker award of the Pennsylvania Hospital and the George E.-Daniels special prize of the Association for psychoanalytic medicine. The overall programme of the Cologne therapy days”can be downloaded on the Internet:..