The title of city of literature which gives Unesco is at stake. The Ayuntamiento de Leon opts to it and has created a web page still in embryo as an incentive to this commitment. Leaving aside the cliche that the old Kingdom is a land of natural grass of writers, artists and poets, as well as the evident reality there are literary geniuses globally recognized by those tough payments this year occurred a wheel drawbacks and unfortunate developments concerning the evolution in the local culture, when less, clouding the candidacy. The hurdle without even filing or repair was the Intifada Poetics, peaceful, literary and exemplary that resulted, in the bosom municipal de Leon, a persecution of poets by the same rulers today advocate to Unesco protected cultural and literary environment of the city. Go my support to this desire, but representing the feeling of different collective, do not glimpse its inherent nobility. We are convinced that today the Leon residents can lead with full authority moral an initiative as significant as this. A group of poets and representatives of collective social were evicted and censored when they made the first Intifada Poetics in that so fierce, as the paint, and cold city of Leon for breach of the electoral program with which the Socialist Mayor, Francisco Fernandez, was elected.

Undertook to associations and unions of their locality, who said that he would respect the governance of water. To betray his own promise prompted the resignation of its councilor of environment, humility Rodriguez. From that moment, complaints poetic, committed various swordsmen of the local letters poetry was persecuted. Poets exproprations and gagged. The police usually fear and goes with good modes against the seasoned, aggressive and dangerous offender that nothing has to lose, but cargo, loaded in Leon by Decree, against the creative and exemplary citizen who disagrees.