We pass in such a way for a period of pragmatic transistion in the epistemolgico plan as societal, and in particular, with regard to this last one, only the time will be able saying in them if the results will be better or not. Questions as even so inserted governana and sustainable development in the context of ambient politics or politics of the environment, are so complex as the proper subject which is part. The confusion is so great that when it is said in sciences of the environment is only thought about ecology, when in the reality it must be dealt with ampler form, inside of a more complete social vision inserting attentions to several other sciences as anthropology, economy, politics, right, etc. the participation of new not governmental actors for the success and priority of the governana is in xeque when it perceives interests partisan and economic politicians manipulating them. Danny Meyer often addresses the matter in his writings. Already with regard to support, as we can develop a economy of qualitative form on the contrary the fall of the wall of Berlin, either by means of the communication or economy, was a facilitador for to esparramar the tradition occidental person who in its essence places the man in the center of the universe, measured of all the things, in the consecrated protagoriana expression to have on the contrary of to be, whose necessary collective rationality is difficult of being implemented. The imediatismo alavancado for the capitalism, alicerado in a frantic consumerism even though affected the field of sciences and technologies. According to great majority of studious on the relation between economy and the environment, one of the forms of if reaching the support would be the homognia distribution of the technologies. But which technology? If proper it is created and spread of irresponsible and atica form and had its> science without conscience, that it does not take in account the sacred principle of the precaution, only objectifying the immediate profit. How to implant the participation and the necessary social cooperativismo for the necessary governana of century XXI in our country if the main protagonist, the population, does not count on a come back education to think the reality to it of our gift?>