Commonly people think that just by to begin blog and to write some articles besides making little publicity that attracts thousands of visits blog, but are not truth and she does not happen, he is one of erroes that bloggers commits and here some advice estan so that they do not happen to you. You do not write of subjects that you do not know If you are a nascent one in the subject you must have much well-taken care of since you can ruin reputation if it give agn erroneous data, so more bond to write on subjects with which these familiarized. Bloggers are many that begin with subjects exceeds how to do money using his blog, and not even has had success winning money in line. It avoids subjects that already have been treated in many blogs It avoids the use of subjects and articles that already have been covered in others blogs. People visit your blog time and time again only if you have something to offer for them.

If your blog has something useful, then doubtless it goes away to spread between the community and by consequence you receive more and more visits. Not to spend the sufficient time to your blog Generally, blogs takes time stops to position themselves and to get to be popular between the users. Therefore, it is necessary to give sufficient time your blog and it is not necessary to surrender. When offering the necessary time and the effort, it was in a success in the future. Not to interact outside the community of your blog Bloggers is important to share your opinions with others and what you write in your blog.

It is a part of the game to be in contact with the enemy with the others since not only it improves the number of readers, if not that also is important for the construction of the success in your own community. To select the suitable platform To choose the correct type of platform for you blog must be simple. I recommend to you to use, it gives a great flexibility you in your blog, furthermore that counts on great resources and is free. Overload of announcements To have announcements in your blog is not bad idea. But you must remember that these do not have to be the content of your blog. There are many disadvantages of having as much publicity in your blog. Without a doubt it goes to them to hurt your readers. In the first place too much publicity creates problems of load and that null and void one to many readers.