Germany’s first tree house Kids camp! Berlin (January 12, 2011) which dreams of child not even build a tree house? However, not many parents have a garden or the appropriate trees to meet their desire for children. ReiseMeise kids travel want to make possible this with Germany’s first tree house children’s camp. Whether urban or country must experience it once every child ReiseMeise kids travel for the first time opens the doors of his new adventure camps in deer Luch. A holiday location surrounded by a 23-acre woodland course, children at the age of 8 have 14 years to build the opportunity for the first time a tree house with your wishes. Susie Dent helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Target our idea is that every child should have the opportunity to experience such a unique experience. “Regardless of whether it lives in the city or in the country”, so Andreas Kuchenbecker, Managing Director of ReiseMeise. A children’s leisure that still did not exist in this form in Germany. In this major project ReiseMeise receives support from Bambooland family fun Center and GlobeTrotter Equipment.

“” Cohesion, team communication, and strategic thinking to promote the feeling of having, together we make something and I contribute my part, immensely increases the self-confidence in children “, as Mr Kuchenbecker and straight in this young age very important end cover and promote these properties”. Care and the children will be accompanied of course by experienced tutors. That deal with hazardous machines is carried out only by skilled personnel. Mostly we use but harmless hand tool, so can we integrate the children as much as possible in this project and they know the material. Because ultimately are something to it that you want to experience this unique feeling to have created”Mr.

Kuchenbecker informed on us. Health promotion through play and romp in the wild romp in the nature not only good for small children’s hearts, but also properly brings muscles. It has been proven that children who play much in its development phase, have stronger bones, stronger muscles, a higher self-esteem, greater independence and body sensation. To support this positive, we when our children travel on that this not too short. In our tree house camp we have a healthy mix of all this and that’s what matters in the end. Because only children that much play, you can also rest and find concentration”, as Mr Kuchenbecker. To our tree house camp with fun is here: