The gigantic effort for the revision of all work plans including standard times at approximately 2,000 maintenance instructions (module PM) and 2,000 routing (module PP), and an annual average order volume of 30,000 maintenance and 6,000 manufacturing jobs have paid off. The central management ensures a consistently high quality of work plans and standard times with less effort and thus significantly increased the acceptance of users compared to the work plan requirements. The now clear work plans serve as the basis for process optimization, for example, through the analysis of value-added and non-value added process steps etc. The achieved transparency about what is happening in the workshop facilitated workshop control and Personnel capacity planning. Ford Jr, New York City. The personal contact to the CAPP knowledge maintenance existing customers or the on-site decision per CAPP knowledge of the BVG, eased especially enjoy a very good reputation among colleagues DB Regio and hamburger Hochbahn with regard to their processes. Like the BVG in turn a first scent mark “in the further development of the SAP addon by DMC set, namely in terms of long text generation, Opitz reported: from the newly created work schedules, checklists for the processing should be created at the same time by the staff.

The CAPP knowledge DMC team developed a solution that proved excellent in practice: the generated long texts are dynamic, which means they are automatically updated according to the change of time analyses. (Read more about the interaction of CAPP knowledge team and users under /..) Outlook will use the BVG further optimization potential. So CAPP knowledge is knowledge elements from each sequence sections a generation of CAPP when the time exposures according to REFA enable. Insert the BVG is Alternatively, CAPP knowledge elements with inline documents and documents in the document management system such as regulations, procedures, to link audit logs. More information see the detailed user report the BVG under company profile BVG Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) are the largest municipal transport company in the German-speaking and 10,600 employees. Network density and quality of the Berlin transport are compared at a very high level.

Metro operating range maintains a total of 120 million commercial vehicles km total 1,264 car from 18 different vehicle series, which carry passengers on weekdays around 2 million and it put back on average 330,000 commercial vehicles-kilometer in the year. CAPP knowledge product philosophy: CAPP knowledge is a system for the creation, management, and query plan periods using recognised methods of time management, for example, MTM and REFA method in production and Maintenance. The SAP add-on CAPP knowledge is programmed in ABAP/4 programming language and in an own SAP partner name space and thus represents an integral part of an SAP System. This integration increases the productivity of the user, since he must not leave the SAP work environment for determining target time. The product knowledge of CAPP for the work and time planning in the SAP environment can be customized shopped by the customers due to its modular design and expanded if necessary to the extent. CAPP knowledge is continuously developed by the supplier of DMC data processing and management consulting GmbH according to the customer requirements and fully expanded.