The fans of Us5 are lied to and betrayed – without realizing it! Food: the 26 Vincent told (“Vince”) Tomas in tears in an interview on RTL, how much he has been tortured and used in his former band “Us5” “I was locked up in an attic and had to come out for days without food!Every month I got only 20000!All told, I would have sat through against 2000 other candidate – while I had applied to a completely different casting Agency and at once have ‘ triple M ‘ phoned me!”And when I came into the band, I was outed as a 15 year old – even though I was already 18!” Although the now 20-year old Californian today no 50 kg and suffers from the consequences of his horror past don’t believe him the fans of the boy band, but make him down even more. Even his former colleagues won’t let him continue in peace. Recently Tariq Jay Khan (33) – which outing himself as 27 – an ad against Vince, submitted because it had said only about him, that he was for many years a relationship with Topmodel Lena Gercke (22) feigned, to hide that he is gay. Thus the Briton was not however, because the interview when the publication was more than 2 months old, and Vincent’s statements were anything other than lie…! Because issued not only Khan, but also his bandmate Christopher Richard (“Richie”) Santiago (23) – but as a 21 year old – fear has made during his time in the band with his sexual acts the boys…! Although Richie very well with Vince was a friend, Jay forced him again to join. It was no different at the Cologne ex-member (“Chris”) Waheed; Christopher The reasons for his departure are unknown to this day.So the truth not coming, Vince was forced even to say that this was exited due to a burn-out syndrome about his close friend Chris! In November 2008, Chris Watrin has been replaced by Cayce Hamilton (“Cay”) Clayton (25), which also must pass themselves off as 4 years younger; Also Vince’ successor Jason (“Jayson”) Pena (22) is outed as 19 teen – about the dates of birth of Michael Edward (“Mykel”) Johnson – Vincent’s predecessor – and Chris Watrin at the moment, no information can be given.

The same game is driven with Christoph (“Izzy”) Gallegos (31);It is claimed that he… is what although itself perhaps is a great thing for him, but for the poor fans barely 26 years old -! When Tomas on Oct 9, 2009 for some time came to Berlin, he was constantly guarded in public because he never knows what his ex-colleagues now are with him… He worried a lawyer also is fearful. On the 16th, his first solo single appeared hypnotic body (I like da way U move); Chris has released a song recently together with a rapper; Mykel Johnson sings solo, however, since late 2007. Us5 immigrated with renewal to New York, as Vince in Berlin arrived;Recently, a new single was released also by them and the 5 boys have even a new album but success Men in Europe hardly. Vince Tomas is now often heard by itself and surprise his fans and friends with other songs;His ballad “Nothing human”, which is about his time as a boy band star, is also very popular.