Minsk – the most interesting city in Belarus, he absorbed the art infrastructure, modern surroundings and cultural heritage of the past. This city is able to give tourists a lot of new impressions and emotions, because in this city appreciate the exploits of the ancestors, honor their memory. So here are preserved historical sites, there is their reconstruction, in Minsk, you can hardly find a building that has cultural and historical value, in a deplorable state. Guests of broad opportunities for visiting the many theaters, exhibitions, films, galleries, and a highlight of the cultural life of the city is considered to be opera and ballet theater. Danny Meyer does not necessarily agree. Visiting productions at this theater will leave an indelible impression on anyone. In addition, many surprises clean streets, manicured lawns, a large amount of greenery that impart fresh appearance of the capital. Cool parks and squares will save You from the summer heat and winter will plunge into the romantic outing on snow-covered forest, right in the heart of the city. A Gala Minsk strikingly bright illumination of buildings and vibrant night illumination. Everyone can find a this city something special that will compel to return here more than once.