The marketing concept comes being perfected has decades, in the first definitions existed a great concern with the administration, American Association Marketing in 1960: ‘ ‘ The performance of the business-oriented activities that dirigem the flow of goods and services of the producer to the consumer or utilizador’ ‘ IT LOVES (apud SNAKE, 1997, P. 27). Details can be found by clicking New York museums or emailing the administrator. In the following decades, the marketing definition starts to enclose the concepts of: promotion, exchange and physical distribution of goods and services, being these goods: tangible and intangible. ‘ ‘ A product is any thing that can be offered a market to satisfy a necessity or a desire. For even more analysis, hear from starbucks in new york. The product concept does not limit physical objects. In the truth, any thing capable to satisfy a necessity can be called product.

Beyond the tangible goods, we can consider as products the services which is essentially intangible and it does not result in the ownership of nada.' ' (KOTLER, 2003, P. 4 and 5) New concepts had been added now abranjendo activities and plans of institutions without lucrative ends; concern with the social changes in the environment; interpretation of the necessities of the consumers. ' ' It is the process of planning and execution since the conception, price promotion and distribution of ideas, goods and services to create exchanges that satisfy the objectives of people and organizaes' '. Kotler (apud SNAKE, 1997, p.27) Is noticed that the concept if became more including, treating now to the satisfaction of the people and organizations, had also attributed the definition of 4P' s of the marketing that had later come to give to place to several other letters that tried to state in few words the functions of the marketing. For Kotler (2003), the two main objectives of the marketing are to attract new customers, promising to them superior value, keeping as customers, providing satisfaction to them. All the strategies and plans of marketing are come back toward the customers therefore the successful companies whom they use of the marketing and its strategies know that participation of market will increase to be taken care of well of its customers.