Dog of medium size and arrogant porte. Quick-witted and with great intelligence. It has the delicacy of a Gazelle, is friendly and is always eager to please. The peculiarity that distinguishes him is that he is a quiet dog; No barks, only beeps small warble if he is happy or growls if you feel uncomfortable. HISTORY of breed of dog BASENJI the BASENJI dog breed is native to Central Africa. The first specimen known was brought as a gift to the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt. He lived with the Pharaonic civilization and disappeared with it. The BASENJI dog breed survived in its place of origin and was many centuries in anonymity, until in 1895 an English Explorer rediscovered it and a couple of puppies led to England, but with such bad luck that dogs very soon died without leaving any descendants.The Basenji dog was introduced in 1937, again in the Islands, getting that were born new litters; Thus was established the race definitively.

In parallel, in the same year, Mrs. Byron, of New York, United States took a couple of Basenji puppies, only gave a male named Bois as offspring. In 1941, Alexander Phemister, Kingston, brought a dog named Congo from Africa. Bois and Congo crossed over and finally gave the first litter of dogs Basenjis born in America. In 1942 the Basenji Club formed in America and race in the American Kennel Club was admitted in 1943. CHARACTERISTICS of the BASENJI dog breed is a BASENJI dog balanced appearance, has a light structure and aristocratic ways. Head is perfectly implemented in the neck, forehead is furrowed from wrinkles, the ears are pointed and are always kept standing, eyes are dark and smart and with a great visual acuity. BASENJI hair, due to the climate of his native land, is fine, silky and shiny; in colder climates the hair becomes stronger but never lost the characteristic brightness.