Charity auction for charity – Hello Heaven – Earth doing here the author of the book Hello heaven with a special auction – here Earth on your book carefully. All 26 letters that appear in the book including all special characters will be auctioned on E-Bay in a 10 day auction. There is even an autographed copy of the book and a sleeping animal. Letters looking for a new home for a good cause! I have written a book. Well you say und…werden. It was my first book, you’re right, this is nothing special.

I have written it in the hope to be able to help other people in the same or similar situation. But now to the point: you don’t believe fit how many letters in a book. My laptop has made me faithful service during this time and many letters to hopefully meaningful words together with me. Now, just that my book is finished, it is broken – the laptop. All attempts at resuscitation were useless. Therefore I’m now 26 letters and various special characters. A shame but they along with the broken laptop to dispose of.

Now, my idea was to support these letters for a good purpose to verksteigern and to the people and institutions which have – caught me in my difficult time – and thus made this book possible. The one thats the Nicolaidis Foundation for orphaned parents and children where I found lots of help and understanding after the death of my spouse, on the other hand, the operator of the website cancer what people with cancer and their family members a forum for help and Exchange on the Internet makes available. The auction can be found here:… So, I offer all my keyboard letters for sale. There are brave letter, well educated – sometimes perhaps a little premature. Thus, they brought up the one or the other Word when writing, inserted himself after an admonition but yet again in the German orthography. Of course, not all letters were just much involved in the book, but I see it as teamwork, and the letters have in years of neighborhood very together used and would be like together. So you also know where these letters were so important I’m packing even an autographed copy of my book, Hello sky here Earth “(we are) children pray differently” to do so. There is also a blog about the book, see and the giraffe on the screen is there too, as a sleeping animal. The proceeds from the sold letters is the valuable work without any deductions to these two important institutions, help many people and have no public support. A thank you to: The Nikolaidis Foundation and the operators of the cancer compass and of course to the 26 letter keys, who made all this possible.