Rohrig next: not surprised, that the sales at BMW is not come to the fore of the consultant. The whole industry is suffering from on this neglect. Hardly an automotive Executive in Germany comes from sales, most come from the manufacturing process or from the finance and controlling. Lacking the understanding, the distribution is as important.” According to the ICC Chief, the manufacturer could save to give new consultancy studies commissioned. Germany’s auto industry held it above all to the uncompromising customer orientation.

The opinion rule above in production and development, to make such great vehicles, while sales on the whole, redundant and costs money. That this assessment is wrong, you see alone in the fact, that cars essentially still on its belly, so bought with a very high proportion of emotions, be.” Sure should always check the cost structures, emphasizes the holder of the ICC. But above all it is a matter for constructive solutions: and here we must make it clear that excellent employee sales, doing his duties to the full satisfaction of the customers, is a direct contribution to employment. If the sales outstanding works and gets the necessary support by the manufacturer, then the jobs in the production, development, administration and all other ministries are also safer.” Rabbi according to must the divisions re-learn development and production, as well as the financial sector, much more to focus the customer benefit, because the brands with their products losing, that technical bells and whistles will be used significantly in value. Sales should then compensate for this mishap. The recurring test purchases at automobile exhibitions look at, then you could determine that there are the largest deficits in the sale. , We make this experience in the industry now for decades.

Some sellers do not welcome the customers, they have no product knowledge of and competition, they offer no customer value propositions on and also no test drive, which is still a very convincing sales argument. As I said, the emotion is the shortest way to the brain. And you get them for example about the driving enjoyment and a test drive. ” Rohrig believes it is fatal, if consultancy focusing only on astute advice. We have heard already the umpteenth call to fundamental reforms. Such calls fizzle ineffective. “I believe that manufacturers and dealers need consultants who help them in the implementation of jointly developed ideas and is not so to speak from the dust make when it comes to the real work.” More information about the company, see.