From here, Sanderson confronts us with the formidable enigma of these maps and shows that in reality they are much older which in principle allowed to assume his discovery. The in-depth study of these maps reserve us at least three big surprises. 1. In spite of having been manufactured in Europe or Asia, the cartographers of the Piri Reis already showed the coastline of the Americas until Columbus faced thousands of years later with the Mayan and Aztec cultures. 2. The history does not show, it is clear, that men with such advanced topographic and cartographic knowledge existed in the time of Columbus and Piri Reis.

3 It is necessary to admit those who plotted the old maps of Piri Reis (the Columbian era were a simple copy), were beings who not only had very seaworthy ships, but also flying machines class that would be, as some of the mountain ranges that appear on these maps, in the opinion of specialists from the U.S. Army, could only have been observed from the air maps of Piri Reis writes Mallery showed all the Earth with greater detail and a surprising accuracy, including not only the coasts of the two Americas, but also those of all of Antarctica, and, as if this were little, presented several mountain ranges not only coinciding with which they know today, but also with some that could only be appreciated in Antarctica when this was not covered in the current layer of ice. This last detail allows you to suspect that the seniority of the Piri Reis can be traced back to 10,000 or 12,000 years ago. But arriving here arises another question: who sailed around the American continent and Antarctica, or better said, who could fly through Earth to map it whole, before the formation of not only the great southern polar cap, but also the least important of the North Pole? Because it turns out that some of the above ranges in the Piri Reis, only could have been seen from the air when they emerge from the ground, still not frosted, or prior to the last glaciation would therefore visitors from space, the authors of the first maps of Piri Reis?