The new double CD from shooting star publishing is here. All know and love them, they are the first songs we hear. Mama sang us with them in the bedroom, Dad, Grandma or Grandpa have hummed it us in the ear. Songs by evening silence, by the good Moon, his sheep, and the stars are in the sky the most beautiful German lullabies. So that they not be forgotten, the shooting star-children’s songs-duo, Margit Sarholz and Werner Meier, the old songs with feather-light, dreamy arrangements has prepared a new musical bed. Great musicians such as mulo Francel and Didi the Geigenvirtuosin Martina Eccles and the harp champion Evelyn Huber arrived with their wonderful instruments in the Studio and have as relaxed and sensitively played that Margit Sarholz and Werner Meier often no longer knew when singing, whether they are already dreaming. The new double CD from the shooting star Publisher sleep baby sleep”(ISBN 978-3-932703-73-7) is packaged in a pretty collapsible cardboard box with Textbuchlein and is now available on the market. On disc 1 are all the songs to listen to and sing along and on disc 2, the instrumental arrangements can be heard gently. So is the CD not only for babies and children very relaxing but also for (expectant) mothers and fathers. By the way, did you know? In MOM’s tummy can a child starting from the 22nd week voices and melodies perceive, they can even recognize postpartum and sleep easier with familiar sounds. To highlight the complex is analog recording techniques and the use of Neumann tube microphones, in particular the Naturinstru-ments and the voice have a particularly warm, full and excellent sound in the production of this CD.