The 25 most valuable best practices for successful selling in new times modern sales pitch no longer work according to the rules, which years ago were still valid. Because the customers are informed, sophisticated and much more demanding not least through their social media activities. Attraction instead of pressure is now needed. And emotions in the sale are needed. Sellers need to understand more than ever how people tick and according to which rules they make decisions, to put together this knowledge then step by step to a successful sales pitch. The marketing expert Anne M. Schuller explains the most important success in their new selling audiobook”appeared in the Breuer & Wardin Publishing Office. The author in a unique way the psychology of negotiation and the fascinating findings of brain research is linked to the high art of selling.

Powerful customers, not companies determine the rules according to which sell will be played today” explains Anne M. Schuller, leading expert in loyalty marketing and one of the most sought after business speaker in German-speaking countries. “And she believes: that want the customers is great if you know how to win it.” Therefore increase the attraction and an Emotionalization of the sales call has top priority. Relevant techniques, with their help, the unit can be used to achieve these goals and won new customers, the bestselling author presents in their 25 most valuable best practices for a successful sale in recent times “. As well the Adviser explains why these sales techniques work and how to consistently take advantage of the findings from this can be. And she makes it clear: Emotionalisierende sales pitches are no social romantic soft course, but a stringent winner calculus. You are the most promising way to our new world of business.” The audio coaching is brain-friendly learning”tuned: Besides good comprehensible examples, one can be found on the CD large number of concrete application tips of that will ensure optimal implementation of the programmed contents. More info: Anne M. Schuller: new selling the 25 most valuable best practices for successful selling in recent times range: 1 audio-CD with 73 minutes published in the September 2010 Publisher: BREUER & WARDIN GmbH price: 19.90 euro / CHF 29.90 ISBN: 978-3-939621-87-4