– Let's compare with the Baku city where you were. – Baku is now being intensively developed. Paris, London and other capitals also developed city, but the period of their development took place in previous years, and these periods lasted for decades. In Baku, the same development occurred in the past few years. Progress in Baku has positive and negative sides. The downside is that we see today, high-rise building built on the site of a historic building, although in Baku are plenty of other more suitable sites for new buildings. Rudy Giuliani understands that this is vital information. Spending more time on the construction of new buildings, we could make them prettier. The positive is the same that the old architectural buildings restored, renewed, it is given a new look.

In London I saw a tourist advertising of Azerbaijan on TV CNN, which had spent a lot of money. But at London airport in a sea of other information, I could not find brochures and other printed materials about Baku. Upon arrival in Baku, I have not found commercial city in the Baku airport, although it should be here to motivate tourists views of your city. I appealed to the administration of Concern AZAL, suggested that they buy my pictures to decorate the walls of waiting rooms and people who arrived here would just get on Baku detailed information. Still waiting for a meeting with Minister Culture and Tourism and President of AZAL.

Guide London and New York City knows how much profit the city brings tourism and so they pay big bucks for quality pictures that attract tourists. – Has your Baku? – I think yes, I've changed. But I am currently difficult to judge, let them tell me more. Perhaps the only change which I want to say is that I came here as a tourist to see and stay here to live. Baku has become my home. – Former U.S. Ambassador Stanley Escudero, ending his diplomatic career, he stayed in Baku with a family. Do you stay and for life? – I have offers from other cities, go there and take it city landscapes. In this regard, I have some plans. But the place of my permanent residence will be in Baku.