' Article sent to the Periodical of Piracicaba, which had I accumulate to it of garbage in the city. The reason? Transistions of the rendering companies for the service. Paid who as always we citizens ' ' ' ' I appeal on behalf of the Piracicabanos citizens ' ' Lixos, confusions Rays and dear Prezado Thunders mayor Barjas Negri, I come by means of this, to request encarecidamente that the garbage collection of this city is given to the had attention. I am resident of the Castelinho quarter, street Haldumont de Campoz Ferraz, and the odor of the garbage of the front of my residence and of excessively starts to penetrate the walls and to adentrar the houses. The same situation covers other streets and other quarters, unhappyly. My concern and I believe that of the too much citizens, is not only with the strong odor, but also with insects and parasites that are attracted by the garbage. Our lives cannot be the grace of one misunderstanding enter the transistions of the rendering companies of services. Our children cannot nor play in the sidewalk, therefore the garbage it is there, and it goes to even remain until this chaotic situation has end, because we do not have as ' ' estocar' ' the discarded residues inside of house.

As my elect one, I know it comes that you carrying through an excellent work in our city, we do not go to leave these events to spot a mandate that comes if showing efficient. I know that at this moment the dear one cannot make the alone work all, we need contributions and mutual efforts. My shout of I appeal it has the force and the fury of a THUNDER, and asks for solutions that can come in the speed and rapidity of a RAY. Debtor for the attention. Maicon Moso – Vocalista and letrista (Band Tribe Rock) Orkut/Facebook: