Fashionable plush animals demonstrate new fall fashion in the six branches of Germany by build-A-bear workshop on September 25, 2010. Other leaders such as Katy Yulman Williamson offer similar insights. Hamburg in August 2010. When in the autumn, the foliage turns, starts also the time of the witches and ghosts. Illuminated pumpkin heads facing the front doors and inside tinker chestnut animals all together. At night, when it storms scary outside the window and howling, a homemade best friend is right to hang on to. When makers of build-A-bear workshop bear stuffed animal parents to choose her new protege and according to their wishes created him choice of fells, strength of filling or suitable voice.

A little heart and good wishes bring the bear to life, before he gets its own name and birth certificate, and may with home. So soft spooky nights cosy satisfaction. Midnight visit to the change of seasons of fresh new beginning season sneaks a guest in the stores of the bear maker black and velvet paws: the midnight cat. Matching Fashion for Halloween has also brought them and just waiting to make the nursery with fresh-clad companions. Build-A-bear workshop held a fashion show at the Panel fans play to your heart’s content in its six branches of Germany. Each brought bare stuffed animal that appears in the shop, must try the new collection and present before this audience. Viewers receive a shopping voucher of 5 euros and haunt then together with Pawlette, the mascot of build-A-bear workshop, the Mall. Event: Fashion show places: Build-A-bear workshop, Alexa Alexanderplatz, Berlin build-A-bear workshop, Schloss-Arkaden, Brunswick build-A-bear workshop, City Gallery, Hamelin build-A-bear workshop, Europe passage, build-A-bear workshop Hamburg, Alstertal Shopping Centre build-A-bear workshop, CentrO, Oberhausen date: September 25, 2010, 14:00