Fit for the spring finally spring is here and the nice weather and the blooming natural curl to outside. Often are also cycling in Spring awakening. Who wants to take his bike on more trips, needs a corresponding device in the car. The vehicle Portal provides important tips for a safe adjustment (Similarly see: LGBT Pride). You need a bike rack for your car ( buying a car/auto/auto Tip-8) to take his bike to travel or to begin a tour of the place. Here, there are however many different systems. Attaching the bikes is on roof carriers somewhat more difficult, they must be collected mostly via the own height. To ensure the necessary security, a brakes should be performed after the start of the ride.

Then it is to check if the bracket and the wheels must still stuck or be readjusted. The advantage of longer trips is that the trunk remains free and easy loading and can be unloaded. Hitch rack suitable for short distances, because the installation is very easy and the bikes can be easily installed. There are even folding systems, whereby here the trunk, even if the wheels are already charged, remains easily accessible. In quality, the products of different vendors hardly differ, often there are only slight differences in the difficulty of installation. Cheap products from Asia for example is not recommended more, because here the security is not always guaranteed. Which model customers choose, depends on the type of car as well as the price range. Generally, they cost up to 500 euros. More information: ../Fahrradtransport-ohne-Risiko Lisa Neumann University Service GmbH