You probably thought about what success in life. And why some are making it and others do not? You'll probably say that in most cases, success – it is lucky coincidence. And if we assume that accidents do not happen? What a coincidence – this pattern, we simply can not yet track? Then you may remember that at all different possibilities, about the money, after all, because those who have it initially, much easier to become successful and achieve their goals! I agree! And yet, if you think well, all the great did not begin with money and with no ties! If you examine the history of success, at least some of the greats (John D. Rockefeller, Henry Ford, Bill Gates), it becomes clear that they were not originally a big state, and their relation to important persons were very small! So what, you ask? Where can I get money to feed his family? How do I start to do something that it was not a fiasco of my life? It's easy! Need to know so many things to so many things to test, refine and calculate! As both a work and do what you like it? When all this in time? Yes, it is impossible to catch! It is better to watch TV, drink beer, chat with friends about how bad everything. And, once again making sure that the world is not right to lie down to sleep and sleep forever! And someone in this time will begin to build new successful company, someone will make a startling discovery, which once again will change the world, someone … and you? So you watch television and to store fat for the long winter? Good luck! The secret of how to achieve success is simple and trite. There are four lines, but you're not going to do this, right? Identify a goal that you want dostich.Sdelat something that will bring you to it, at least one step. And make straight seychas.Posmotret that happened and think about how to make luchshe.Vypolnyat complete satisfaction. Good night and pleasant dreams reality!