When everything indicated to them that not it could, they were obstinate with his dreams, and to its immense I take love to change them the things, to construct a world better. Hitler, however, was a leader who in his time extended in history descending to the humanity, so that their dreams were loaded of hatred and scorn towards the human being. What it takes to us to assure that hatred is it formulates it ideal for the destruction of the human being, and with this I talk about with whom it hates in first term, since the one that hates is the one that but suffers.

To another great we have it example with the attack of the 11 of September against the twin towers of New York, was the dream of Bin Laden who concrete at the moment at which the towers crumbled, dragging death and blood of thousands of innocents. A dream that destroys human lives by the pleasure of the revenge. That it is what makes different from the humans who ascend or descend to the humanity? The human brain with his almost average kilo and of weight and its 100.000 million neurons, has a size three times greater than the one of our near relatives but in the evolutionary scale, the nonhuman primates. This wonderful organ files and processes invisible information that it allows us to be better humans and to prevail in the life and to achieve the success or that it programs to us for the failure, hatred and the frustration. They tell that in an occasion in a medical congress, entrevistando to a neurosurgeon it was questioned to him about the importance of the dreams and this it responded: In more than 300 surgeries of open brain that there are never realised and seen a dream.