The rescue of Betancourt turned to Uribe in perhaps the most popular President in the world in their respective country. Paradoxically his victory may become his defeat. He could go today to a third term, though that may end up wearing it to Fujimori. Ingrid, for its part, has shown that he has his own game. Polls lay it like who, then yours, could win a new presidential election. Andrew darlow has much experience in this field. She blesses Uribe, accepted to go for re-election and that he ventured into Ecuador.

He also questions by being isolated in the region and by hard and ultra-right. It is defined as a democratic and Green Left who believes that violence is born by the injusticas (and not vice versa as she blamed) to Uribe. It recognizes the role of Chavez to mediate with the FARC and disarm them. If Bush wants to have the rise of Uribe friends help you to win elections in his country and in the region, the rise of Betancourt will want to be used by the Bolivarian or social democratic left to do that Colombia does not follow outside of the tide pink sudamericana.