Caring for bonsai are going to see the basics of these wonderful trees from china but that perfected the Japanese as an authentic ancient art. Basic care of bonsai are not so technical and difficult as they are released by word of mouth from people, basics is watered, know who need light pruning, transplants. These are the most basic things within this world of the bonsai to the truth that is very wide and fascinating. One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they are beginners is how to irrigate correctly. Clear our bonsai when you need it, the same not prompted watering has climate location, type of bonsai that is, etc but generally we have to irrigate. Don’t do as I have heard in some cases that submerged the bonsai in water for a few minutes and left the container of water down so that the bonsai will collect the water that you need, this can be a serious failure because it can rot roots and catch fungi due to excess moisture.

The watered It has to be when you see that the surface of this earth dry. The best thing is to introduce finger two inches on the Earth and if the note that this dries gives a watered until the water out through the holes of the pot, and not again to be watered until it prompts you again. Then comes the light you need our bonsai, from bonsai are trees, as it indicates their nature the majority are foreign. Bonsai can be external mostly in a site with light but that we give them nor the Sun directly, nor excessive currents of air. Then if you live somewhere that winter has very low temperatures it is best that you safeguard it in winter when too cold. There are some bonsai that you can have inside but those tend to be tropical or subtropical, but always at a metro approximate a window that has plenty of light and air to which our bonsai this oxygenated..