Born in the year 1993, under the direction of the great Master Jose Luis Galindo, who with several compilations was constituting the systems Kobra Kai, initially style is characterized by fluid, with a wide variety of fighting techniques. Not even the same could imagine the path that would take the school and its members in the world of martial arts. Its first students the Prof. Mauricio Mendoza and Prof. Juan Israel Ortega. Both begin to train the system Kobra Kai Kenpo school San Andres.

It is has as antecedent system efficiency Kobra Kai by interventions of tournaments of stature of both national and international, this enhancement is due to the preparation and discipline that has been developed at the same school. At the end of 1997 the first national tournament was held Kobra Kai said event took place in the gym Mexico 68 in the city of Guadalajara Jal. Leaving a party waters in both administrative and martial training uniting ties between other martial arts schools. Kenpo means first law of due fist that initially only needed’s some basic movements to be able to auto defend themselves but to pass the time which at the then called Chuan Fa was changing significantly becoming a systems of fight with many variants, such as techniques of animals among others. I hope that it is your pleasure staying with a commitment to subsequently offer concepts and topics about martial arts.