Thinking to be Back in the city, where the young women invite It pra to dance. Compadre Peter Who was father of Juliana, Was soon arriving close and crying out, not accepted! Therefore boy of the city This is respect house. But the boy was doctor son, Was pra roa to take drips, Finished making fight and in the truth he apanhou. She left running For the road gravel, Running away terrified, Therefore the young women of the field had called to It there paspalho. Compadre Jlio That was uncle of Juliana, Caught soon in the machete and followed among the sugar canes, the taken off one bonito.

It came back saying That the son of the doctor, did not pass of maricas. When it gave to the faces the boy if he splodged. After everything, the concertina started Its glad melody, and the party alone finished When the day started..