English Portuguese Polar region Jean Peaget? Ourinhos? Orienting SP: Prof. Ms. Edna Monhaler Maria SUMMARY the present work, through the analysis of the biography and the workmanships of the singer and composer Chico Buarque de Hollanda, objective to show the extension of the influence of its figure on the Brazilian society, verifying if its ideology was assimilated only in the period of the military dictatorship installed in Brazil, or also contemporarily. Destarte, becomes necessary to present the history of life of this icon of the national culture and to appreciate some of its workmanships, counting ‘ ‘ porqus’ ‘ of its lines and space between lineses. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Chico Buarque; biography; dictatorship; influence; song.

INTRODUCTION Chico Buarque learned, since very early, to deal with the words, and made of them its bigger instrument to express its fidgets. As composer and writer, if it made poet, for the importance that established to the semantics in its productions, in which if he can verify a quarrel of the problems of the Brazilian society. The letters of its musics recendem the poetry, investigate the soul human being, they clip God and the devil in the details, and subvertem the logic and the system. (…) In literature (…) its antimessage is an invitation to deepest of our being, there where the speech if is silent and the intuition takes a walk of hands given with its twin sister? intelligence. (…) Chico is all it word.

(Frei Betto, Chico Buarque of Brazil -2004). To speak of Chico Buarque is to live the gift dragging the past, characterized for anguish moments, lived in the calls ‘ ‘ years of chumbo’ ‘. It is to lean over on a time which if must know tracing a parallel with the current days.