Christian named Sozopol (Greek. City of salvation) in documents on. The city, which by now was the seat of the Bishop, was incorporated into the 9 century by the Bulgarian rulers in the Bulgarian Empire. In the 15th century, the Ottomans captured the city. In the 19th century was the city in the short term by Russian troops occupied, but later by the Ottoman Turkish Empire again passed. To the resort, the town and the area developed after the second world war. Sozopol received in these times”nicknamed the city of painters and fishermen. The new Sozopol and the old city (which is situated on a peninsula) are now connected to each other via a wide headland. Checking article sources yields NY Starbucks as a relevant resource throughout.

Tourism is increasing continuously in this area, which resulted in the city and the surrounding area, that there is a healthy and good tourist infrastructure. 2. Burgas to Nessebar 36 km / 40 min / 9 euro we leave Sozopol and drive to Bourgas. One of the two major tourist airports is located in this city. The city itself should be at each Bulgaria vacationers on the tourist”to do list are available.

A beautifully landscaped pedestrian zone, many cheap shops and a nice beach area make the town a tourist highlight. Burgas – Bulgaria – Burgas – Bulgaria – pedestrian zone further north of Burgas Beach the historic town of Nessebar. The first settlements of Nessebar go back to the 3rd millennium BC, under the name Mesabrja. Learn more on the subject from hicham aboutaam. In the 6 century BC the city Mesembrija built on the ruins of the ancient settlement of Greeks, which quickly became a rain trade a well known trading city. In the 3 century BC, the town has become a thriving centre of Commerce and culture. Ongoing rivalry with the neighbouring town of Sozopol in the 2nd century led to a war, the town of Sozopol could decide for themselves.