Before you buy b / a car in Russia or Ukraine, first of all, we must remember to take the risk of car that will wash away all your money. In our domestic market is unreasonably high prices for cars and not only, choice and rather limited. Therefore, in our time has become increasingly popular prigon cars from abroad. Almost the same money let's fetches cars from Germany. So what's the difference you ask? The point is that our roads and roads in Germany – it's "heaven and earth." respectively and the car to "kill" is less so, and serve it will be longer.

It was in Germany provided the largest selection of cars where operating conditions were the best. What are the sources of finding the car, or where to look? There are several different options. Suppose one of them – this site, even where it is possible to choose a Russian interface and look at ads, search criteria. Also there is the largest car market, which are located in Essen, Cologne and Munich. In addition, there are car showrooms, where prices are certainly more expensive by 10-20%, but there is no risk to buy a stolen car.

Skoda Octavia, but given the fact that border can receive a refund on VAT, the price will be almost no different from the market, but more safeguards. When purchasing it is important to note that there are no smell the marsh and look for "hole" if there is rust. Not to buy snag, which will soon rot. In general, choose the car has a specialist who will be able to see, assess its condition and whether or not she say the money for which you want to buy.