Henry Ford said, the best car – it's a new car. It only remains to add that the quality of b / a car – it is primarily the conditions of detention. Buying a used car, you can save a lot of money. You can buy two or three years of the car and also as a new ride for several years without any problems. Choose and buy a reliable and technically perfect car at the best price and do not face the deception – not so easy. Where look for a car? The best option would be buying a car, which was one owner who maintained in good condition, was held at the official maintenance service, was not in the accident and has no other serious problems.

The probability of finding such cars are sold privately by the owner, is not very high because of lack of 'purity' of history, in large companies, containing a large fleet of vehicles more likely to find such a car, and there is a choice, ie chance in comparison to understand that the car is good. Large selection of cars in Israel is at Preparing for a purchase. If you want to buy a car on private property, you should consider if you can determine yourself the technical condition of the machine, if not, then you should ask someone who knows to check when buying a car with you, or ask the firm providing such services, this can save you money, or reduce the chance of buying 'the car was killed.