Group, published in 1930 in its first workmanship Some Poetry, sends in them to a contact with the truths distresses, them, disillusionments of people who load the signals of loving exaggerations, gales, at last, of human beings interior desestruturados. Word-Key Group, irony, exaggerations, amor.IntroduoCom intention to contribute for a reflection of the human quandaries, in the poem Group to evidence the suffering of the man before the conflicts of the world. The Modernismo was one of the decisive moments for Brazilian literature, of change of routes and revigorao of the thought in general, Promoted, then, the acceptance of the stressed components of the nationality, in an admirable effort of independent development in the Brazilian literary dynamics, centered in the freedom to create. The search for independence in literature, in the necessity of the national one, the possibilities of growth with its promising hope of future, made with that after Week of 22 the lyric research in such a way in the plan of the subjects how much of the half deeds of division; the investigation on the destination of the man and, over all, the Brazilian man; the search of one strong certainty. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with New York Museums. (CANDIDO, 2000, P. 119) Some factors had contributed for the sprouting of the Modernismo, between them of order social politics and, and still of general order, which had been determinative or facilitated to salutar agitation in Brazil, thus appearing, the Modernismo, the age of the free thought. some of the factors had been these that Carlos Drummond de Andrade, or, simply Drummond, introduced in its poetical workmanships. this form is what it has better of in the rich and motivadora Brazilian poetry of all the times, for its quality and grandiosidade, therefore as one of the founders of modernity in the Mallarm arts said: the poetry if makes with words and with ideas comovida and impressive Sensitivity to each line that it writes, the poet does not abandon almost this attitude of humour, exactly at the moments of bigger ternura, of ordinary, ternura and irony acts in its poetry as an automatic game of stabilization handspikes: does not have false maneuver in this admirable device of lyricism. Frequently shimmie horn has said that publicly.