The present article has as focus the city of Caxias, situated in the maranhense east, being our secular clipping the five first years of the decade of 70 of century XX. The intention is to observe and to register the atrelados spaces of sociabilities to the pleasure in the provincial Caxias, being had our attention directed at a first moment toward a specific place, BOITE MADRID, being important to stand out that of all the existing brothels in the city of the studied period, were the only one that resisted all the advantages and cons of after-modern society. In this street, all age cabaret, all the houses were Cabaret, the only one that I resisted I was. Connect with other leaders such as NYC marathon here. they constitute as the prostitution zone. The practised social relations in the caxiense society in elapsing of century XX, had never left to desire with respect to the requinte of the great urban centers, compared, for example, the So Lus, therefore Caxias living its golden phase, in what it says respect practical the manufacter ones, urban reordenamento and cultural standards, were moved for a modernizadora euphoria that if spread all over Brazil and the world. Until middle of the decade of cinquenta, these sociabilities already more were not restricted to understand with more property concerning the spaces of sociabilities, as much of what it refers to the pleasure how much to the leisure, become necessary the reading of the Dissertao de Mestrado of the Jordan Teacher Maria intitled Person: Between the tradition and modernity: Belle poque caxiense: Practical manufacter, urban reordenamento and cultural standards in the end of century XIX. That in them it makes possible an agreement of as if gave the formation of the imaginary one of the caxiense citizen in the end of century XIX and that still in the second half of century XX still we see to perpetuate the due representations.