With this 'Literally' and I asked for another form of employee receptionist. A lot of surprised, with the words 'we have no other', she found the right form. Next, the operator consulted about the correctness of filling in the application, also referred to need to fill out an application to waive the credit card. Documents handed over to the receptionist. The result: as soon as the transfer will be (said 1-1,5 weeks), I must again contact the department on work with debt and to clarify the remainder to repay the amount, with the January 9, 2007 I continue to charge a penalty for nonpayment; on March 7, the amount owed was about 5000 rubles, and after March 7 called me twice from the bank – did not find at home, probably something like ask, 13 March, I learned that on March 12 the transfer of money took place, but had learned the size of the remaining debt, I can only March 15.

At the same time and repaid the remaining debt. I hope the continuation will not. March 13, 2007. Artem. My conclusions: 1. not I will have a relationship with bank commitments in the absence of a sufficient number of bank branches and retail banking (including payments made to obtain bank receipt). And that I'll find out before the deal 2. if still in the process of working with the bank, I understand that this work is similar to the one described above, in principle early (if possible) completed relationship with a bank; extension will be March 15 called the CB Renaissance Capital (number 495-783-4661) operator Cyril (you noticed, I now write down the names))))) said that I 'engaged' is another organization called the number 8-499-730-5255.