The Afeganisto is a country located in Asia, more necessarily in the south of Central Asia. The country almost possesss 30 million inhabitants and one of the populations poor of the world. The capital of the Afeganisto is Kabul. The country if detaches for a very rich culture for its localization. Throughout the centuries, the Afghan territories had been palco of innumerable battles and disputes. The point highest afghan is Nowshak, that arrives about 7.500 meters above sea level.

The culture of the Afeganisto reflects all the complexity of the centuries and centuries of existence of the country. The sport most popular of the country is a similar sport to the polar region, that is, played for horses and men. For being a country with hundreds of dialects, the culture is very rich. It has some poets who if had detached in the Afghan culture. The religion of the great majority of the population is the Muslim. The economy is very weak, what it becomes the country in one of needyst and poor of the world. However, the country possesss giant mineral reserves. Natural gas and oil, gold, have covered, iron and other minerals give to the Afeganisto a great economic potential for the future of the country.