The most beautiful cycling routes in Central Europe cycling experience on Mediterranean shores, along the romantic river valleys, across the platte country and through the most beautiful valleys of the Alps an informative magazine with reports of particularly beautiful cycling routes in Germany and Europe has the editorial staff of the travel portal applied. On the side of biking adventure is he enthusiastic cyclists information from many of the most popular hiking regions with very different content. The richly illustrated with pictures and represented routes range of bike paths of along Mediterranean coasts of Valley Bike paths in the high mountain area to the popular River-accompanying lines. If the days shorter and the weather in our latitudes is more volatile, it is probably the biggest attraction, to take a bike ride in the now wonderfully pleasant Mediterranean. Whether in Cyprus or in Puglia, whether in Veneto, South Tyrol or the Garda Trentino the autumn days are a very appropriate time for dreamy beautiful especially in these regions Cycling through the now so colourful nature. Times Square has plenty of information regarding this issue. Also a special biking adventure travel magazine under biking adventure has been developed to Italy. The cycling routes, down the Valley to follow the banks of the rivers are of course quite easy to cope with. And since it’s all rivers mean that on its shores over the centuries particularly remarkable and impressive settlements have developed, these routes in addition to the ubiquitous River romance have also culturally unique charms.

Of course the wheel experience magazine meets the great trend of the cycling trip along the rivers. It presents the most beautiful routes along the Moselle and Danube, the Vltava River and the Drau, the Weser and the Aare and many other rivers in Europe. Also invite the reports on the thematic routes such as the peace, as well as the 100 castles route in the Munsterland or the Mozart cycle path in Austria and Bavaria to the descendants. Got the reader through the appealing pages with high-quality photos of the magazine your appetite for more, then he finds links to recommendable motorbike tour operators, which can ensure that the journey can be contacted at carefree for the reports. The editorial team to the project leader Stefan Bucker is of course also always grateful for new tips to other recommended cycling tours. Because ultimately, it makes the magazine so worth reading, if something new from the wheel travel industry will be presented.