And in fact, why do we need land? To build a house, come on weekends, to breathe fresh air, walk in the woods and so on. I mean this dialogue to ensure that we drew on the quality of customer satisfaction. High quality of customer satisfaction shows the efficiency of real estate agency. How to effectively and manage quality real estate agency, it is necessary that the quality used at all levels, every business process has been involved in raising quality. And while one indicator we want to wait for the best. Well, we are agents – a slice of society, we do not produce low-quality land, we will not have funding to pave roads and to electricity to all land that we sell, we can not make repairs in all homes that we sell, we can not give office space to Western standards of quality, we offer what we have on the market.

And that means we have to raise the quality of other business processes that we can control. Let us count the number of incoming calls to the advertised object, then count the number of views of the advertised site and give these figures to sales, ie to the number of sales. At that you can pay attention to what could be improved in this process. To improve the need to begin expanded these processes into smaller processes, and have to analyze each of these processes. Incoming call, as keep the consumer as to induce him to make viewing of the object. As during the display of objects to increase the number of positive solutions of a client. After laying out all the business processes of the chain, the money is precisely positive solution of the client's property. How can I improve every time.

Yes, you know better than me, but the work of many agencies is not in the analysis of transactions in disrupting the transactions are often heard dissatisfied (to put it mildly) statements, but instead colleagues better start analyzing every single moment.