More than 4,000 children of 5 th and 6 th elementary took part in the campaign Mutis controls your noise, organized by the Town Hall of Valencia during the past course, and which has concluded with the awarding of prizes to three of school children, the authors of the best Idea, best drawing and the best writing on the subject. The event took place in the municipal Chamber, on 28 April, coinciding with the international day of awareness overlimit noise, where the noise pollution, Lourdes Bernal, Councillor accompanied numerous Valencian school, along with those who saved a symbolic minute’s silence, according to a statement issued by the Valencian consistory. Over the past few months, more than 50 schools in the city have taken part in the initiative Mutis controls your noise, designed by Audiotec, engineering company specializing in noise control, and particularly aware in the preservation of the acoustic environment and the formation of the more young people in this respect. Thus, during the course of the campaign, school children could meet and reflect on the effects of noise in the everyday life of people and the environment. Thus, through videos, leisure activities and a student workbook, the children deepened in this topic, and elaborated work which, subsequently, presented in competition. ee.

According to the statement released by the City Council, Lourdes Bernal, stressed that school children contributed fresh and innovative proposals, which is very positive since the children are the best transmitters of values towards their elders, their involvement is the best vehicle for involving the family, he said. All the students participating in the campaign silence agents have been appointed agents of silence, while children winners of the contest have been Javier Ballester Alcaniz, Colegio Antonio Machado, prize for the best Idea; Alicia Martinez Hurtado, of the Colegio Santo Tomas de Villanueva, the best writing award; and Sofia Cuquerella Ricarte, Colegio Sagrado Corazon-hermanos Marist, award to the best drawing. Each of them received a diploma and four tickets for Bioparc valid for all 2010. In addition, their respective schools were distinguished with a diploma each. But, without doubt, award that most motivated to small was the mascot of the Councillorship, designed by Audiotec, Mutis, reproduced in format of Fallas ninot, which each winning child has brought home.