Alexis Fernando Jimenez Their romantic relationship had no major problems, except for trivial differences that he liked the pizza while Adriana ice cream. Nothing irreconcilable. But even in such circumstances, an agreement was reached as much as saving a huge wall and jump on the other side, giving strength to the love that is professed from teenagers. “Cupid bike” because, given the economic uncertainty, it was their only means of locomotion. It was quite a sight to see them together, dodging the potholes in the road and agreeing on what route to take, the way to work. Of course experienced difficult times as the day the girl told him that her husband was on bad roads. Fortunately the situation was resolved.

It was clear that everything was a product of unsubstantiated gossip. Economic problems also robbed of peace. At the beginning of marriage held two complaints, but learned that the only way to overcome the crisis was to remain united. The story of their lives did not have a happy ending as in the stories. One rainy morning the bus rolled in the heart of the city. The man’s vehicle was fighting with another motorist to see who could carry more passengers. Absorbed in the fracas did not warn the couple that was traveling a few meters ahead, and ran.

Not two, but one person at the funeral were still together. Something that always characterized them. The story brings to mind the scene in which a group of religious leaders asked the Lord Jesus if divorce was viable. He explained that “… in the beginning God created men and women. Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother to join his wife. Connect with other leaders such as Danny Meyer here. And this man and his wife will be like one person. So are no longer two but one. These two people have been united by God, and no one should separate what God has joined “(Mark 10:5-9. New Testament, the Word of God for all). Additional information is available at NYC Mayor. The couple starred in the story a relationship in which the permanence and stability prevailed over the differences. They went to eternity together. How different from the members of a couple looking for the smallest separation stumble! If going through problems at home, do not quit. Not yet. Ask God’s help. Let Christ reign in your family. With His help find the wisdom and prudence necessary to handle problems. Calmly we can find out the difficulties … Missing the best decision of your life! Much remains in his life. Tidy up your home, is one of them. But there is something more: the first and biggest step is to receive Jesus into your heart as the sole and sufficient Savior. It is very simple. Say, “Lord Jesus, I receive you into my heart as my only Savior. Thank you for forgiving my sins by dying on the cross. I receive you in my heart. Make me the person You want me to be. Amen “Congratulations! It’s the best decision of his life. Now I have three invitations: 1 .- Pray daily. Prayer is talking with God. He is our heavenly Father, but also our Amigo. 2 .- Read the Bible. Dynamic principles you learn will change and personal and spiritual growth. 3 .- Begin to gather in a Christian church. They begin on personal and spiritual growth. Do not delay!