The Angel of Christmas is made present on December 24 in every place where you remember the birth of baby Jesus, to offer their gifts of protection. The Angel of Christmas is an energy that connects with what’s new and a reborn spiritual therefore nothing better that ask you for help to transform negative situations into positive, to implement changes, and for everything that we want it reborn within our. To achieve this, we will make a list of goals that you want for the next year. Please choose 7 and write down them on a pink sheet using blue ink, which we will retain during the year and everytime you grant us an order, write down the date that occurred. So when we renew the list in next Christmas, we’ll see how much has helped us our Angel to facilitate our contact, we can perform a series of acts of love and wisdom, thus opening our hearts to grace. Look at the following list and attempts to make the largest possible amount of actions during the week ranging from 17 to 24 December. 1.Visita a wise person: You can treat a person young or old, the important thing is to help you to reflect on the important issues in life.

2.Construye your sacred space: it may be a corner of your House or outdoors, only let yourself be guided by your intuition. It is important that you feel comfortable there to meditate. 3 Get carried away by the Angels: anxiety and despair, as well as also doubt, scare the heavenly beings. It is advisable to spend several hours a week in contact with nature. 4.Estrena an attitude: the routine generates many times us mechanical behaviours that stop our spiritual growth. In the week of Christmas, he makes something new, something that for some reason you’ve postponed. 5.Brinda your love: dedicate time to your loved ones. Find yourself with friends or family and share moments together in harmony 6.

Visit a sacred place: visit a temple, a church, or any other site that is appropriate to raise a prayer and give thanks to God for all the good that you have and that you will receive. 7.Desprendete something very dear: it does not necessarily have to be something of material value, important thing is have a great meaning to it and you give it to someone who might need it. Symbolically, this made a window will open that will attract something new to your life. 8. Open your heart to the unknown: many times, the angels send us messages through unknown persons for us, coincidentally crossing our path. 9. Recalls the best of your childhood: return to our first years of life, the naivete, innocence is the first step to contact with our angel. And to finish: the angels protect especially to those who ask for help for other people. Not only pray for our benefit, but also for others to attend. Surely, they will give you great blessings.