Tuesday at night agreed with the City council to leave the encamped one. They say that who agreed to leave the place he was not representative of the movement. At the moment, the great majority of tents continues intact. Part of ‘ indignados’ they have begun the morning of this Wednesday the cleaning of the Catalonia place with the arrival of the first truck of cleaning, although another group of encamped resists to go away because they understand that agreed to leave the place the past night with the City council was not representative. This group is afraid of the promise of the town hall of which, once they have retired infrastructures and ” has placed them; a house of obra” , they allow to construct gora them to guarantee the work of the commissions and to realise assemblies. insights. The first truck of the cleaning has arrived at the place past the 10 hours, guarded by two urban ones, and the answer of some ‘ indignados’ it has been to gather rubbish and sweepings, although at the moment the great majority of stores continues intact, and those that live in them do not collaborate in the cleaning. According to it has explained one component of the international commission, the assembly that was realised Tuesday was informative and the City council gave as propose a work house them, but it did not vow nor it was approved.

” I do not take to month and a half in the place asking a camping, but political answers. The house is insuficiente” , it has assured. Another component of the commission of international has assured that they asked for the intendant of the Eixample Dret of the Urban Guard – who made the functions of mediator, who outside more concrete in the proposal to give security to people and which they helped in the collection. ” Instead of that, he made us arrive a writing with a closed proposal of which they would give to the house of 2×4 meters us, and we waited for one more a more complete negotiation, with more garantas” , he has observed. ‘ indignados’ that they collaborate in the collection they have assured that they are not in agreement with the proposal of the City council, but that collaborates as it shows of good will. Source of the news: Some ‘ indignados’ they begin to clean Catalonia place, while others resist a to leave.