Chavez Accuses Colombia of being the Andean Israel by raiding their neighbors to hunt down their subversives there hidden. For their part, many will say that Ecuador, Venezuela and Nicaragua are sanctuaries for terrorists as they came to be Egypt, Lebanon, Syria or Jordan. The fact that a country refuge or encourage a guerrilla in a neighboring nation is something that occurs in Asia and Africa, but which has not been in more than one century in South America. To Colombia are syndicated to outsource its internal conflict, something that would have not happened before in the region. The military juntas of the Southern Cone in the 1970s is not violated in the sovereignty of any other Republic (as Colombia did before Ecuador) on its because they coordinated to help them pursue their respective subversives.

The Colombian conflict is no longer exclusively in that country. Although U.S. and Uribe would like to eradicate the guerrilla group, as before Peru crushed trail, scenario is complicated because three neighbouring Colombia have Governments related to the Bolivarian or Socialist discourse of the FARC. Original author and source of the article.