Development raises to speculation early May 2011 the silver price has declined rapidly, and within a very short time from 48 to 33 dollars. The price for the Troy ounce thus fell by more than 30 percent. The Exchange Portal reported about the background. The silver price is still at a low. By the significant increase in margin, so the increased demands on the security services, less wealthy speculators were forced by the market. The New York precious metal market COMEX is due to the excessive course correction in the critique, because as a security deposit for keeping a silver futures, a far lower percentage of the market value of silver contracts would have been sufficient. The volatile price of silver is a thorn in the side of many investors. The increased security deposits could or would not afford them.

Early last week the price of silver were up yet. This may be due to the fact that the industry is again ready for silver pay. In addition, lacks the white precious metal should rise this year by 10 percent, what should support the development of the silver price. Silver also remains a sensible investment option as opposed to weakening currencies.