In its conception the free man is that one that conceives virtues in its experiences, but respecting always its limits of understanding searching always its untiring key to discover the meaning of its existence and its complex intelligence that it stops is in God. The religion and science try of some form to take to the man explanations that the times runs away from the understanding of the incautos and maldosos, the faith not if it opposes science therefore both walk together, time that together work for the well bigger that it is the intellectual development and spiritual of a complete form in its essence and its complexity, thus searching, both, to offer one quality of life more good so that all can always grow with an orthodox vision of its existence searching its I in the depth of its soul through the knowledge and of its espiritualidade. Conclusion Science, in its ampler direction, enclosing an extensive gamma of phenomena, as much of the nature as of the society, admits a variety of approaches and methods, each one of appropriate them to the character of a specific object of inquiry. In the study, innumerable systems and scientific processes, directly do not appear related questions to the existence of God, or the dimension life spiritual. The religion, of course, has contributed very for the consolidation of the separatistas slight knowledge. The belief in the unit of the humanity, with its implications of equity and self-sacrificing love, is in the end of the accounts, a religious conception of the reality. The claim, then of that the multifaceted speech of today on the development of science is of great importance for the future of the humanity and that route would have to take in the love to the next one is an deserving subject of serious consideration. The complex and great differences, to the times, enter the thought of science and of the religion they must always have as center the man, its happiness and life, full life of character, of the dignity, the respect, equality, where all can walk for one alone destination.