Are you going to order a corporate gift products, or advertise your company, first and foremost, it is necessary to develop a unique style because it is the basis of the identification image. Corporate Identity lays foundation in advertising your company. Corporate identity is not only advertising but also the establishment of trust among customers. Currently, there are very many companies, and stand out among them is very difficult, but corporate identity helps release among a large mass of competitors. Company Extrabrand suited to the creation of corporate identity is very professional.

Depending on the direction of the company, conducts individual approach to the creation of corporate style. For example, documentation style of packaging products ad aways work clothes, etc. The company is engaged in professional development Extrabrand following elements corporate identity: word mark logo, Letterhead Business Card Envelope Symbol Company Brochure Packaging Poster Design and much more corporate-style place in several stages. The first step an analysis of your company, its prospects and current status. The second step is carried out to study the competition in your sector of business. The final stage is a detailed study of all elements and Select the direction of style.