Acquire antiques in order to decorate any room either in your House or Office is just a matter of good taste, which will be reflected to choose the proper piece to display it in the right place. To integrate this type of objects within the modern decor must take into account certain recommendations from experts in the field, as for example try to combine parts by shapes, colors or through accessories such as tablecloths or pillows that make game, i.e. achieve a harmonious style by integrating a piece in the style of other years. About choosing what antiques, this depends on your intuition and preference, patois are all those things that the ancestors were selling at very low price as old and outdated, such as: mechanical foot and wall clocks, radio tubes, porcelain ornaments such as lamps, figures or bowls, should also be considered the possibility of buying furniture and other objects. One of the supplements decorative antique that can best be integrated to a current environment are mirrors, they get a very good price being of better quality that one modern similar measures, and of course, we cannot fail to take into account tables be considered the perfect link between ancient and modern decoration, is an ideal combination. Nothing better that an important ancient object highlighted, to place it isolated, for example, in a corner vacuum would look spectacular on a Chair from the 1950s, that Yes, taking care that the tapestry of the furniture is original or in any case look so. A small last century wall clock will be protagonist provided he is only at the center of some photographs of family from the same era and in a narrow wall, while a great floor clock, can pass to decorate that difficult corner, thus will highlight. A Council, before buying an antiquity is must go shops and compare prices. If you look at any work of art of your interest looks badly retouched, don’t worry, you can restore. Take advantage of this situation to negotiate the price.