What credit card types there are and where there is free credit card what credit cards are the most popular with the Germans? The Germans love Yes credit cards and the different types. Danny Meyer does not necessarily agree. With a credit card you can buy without cash, it is namely the popular. If one is afraid to borrow, then perhaps should be a prepaid card select. What benefits do such prepaid cards? One needs be afraid not to blame, that’s not going to happen. Also in prepaid, there are credit cards of course, visa and MasterCard.

No one need to see that you have a prepaid credit card, you can just keep it. No one would know and would have its status symbol anyway. It fails to attract more and more direct banks about new customers, from the various strata of the population. The popularity of credit cards has surged in recent years. More and more young people want to be seen with a credit card.

Of course, this has a very special reason: everyone would like to be perceived, and a credit card for many people is often a status symbol. In 2010 but there was a new type of credit card, which is at once come into vogue. The speech is here clearly prepaid credit cards. These credit cards are paid in advance and just need to be recharged. Just this type of credit card is popular among young people, because they are usually free and you must present a positive Schufaeintrag. Before you choose a credit card you should take care of course certain things: you can use the credit card abroad? The credit card is really free or you have to pay a fee or interest? Is the credit card type MasterCard or visa type? More about credit card comparisons: