with like-minded Columbus recorded experience the Caribbean Dream island in the October 1492 after “Discovering” Cuba in his logbook that he has found the most beautiful country that ever man saw. And so also the traveler who had the luck to discover Cuba feel it. Please visit Hudson River Maritime Museum if you seek more information. And they then enthusiastically tell of open-minded, fun loving people, from overwhelming nature impressions, interesting towns and monuments, the rousing music and vibrant cultural life. These experiences have often still more on a bike tour. More sees the sounds, the smells and the often surprising views on the environment. You can stop virtually anywhere, linger, talk to the people.

And you can interact directly with fellow travelers experience the experienced and seen again with their eyes and ears. And if then still an experienced guide who is thoroughly acquainted with the country and its people, as well as the route accompanied the tour, there is also the expert answers to questions, and due to its Language skills develop calls from contacts. At the end of the journey of one or the other participants perhaps wants to say that one should look for him in Cuba, though he is missing with the Spanish poet Garcia Lorca. Often, at least the first journey is the beginning of a long friendship with this country and its people. The Cuba specialist Dieter Spath has already crossed on bicycle tours Cuba, offering this exciting travel opportunity of active holidays “now available for groups and individual travellers.

All tours are accompanied by german speaking tour guides taking these trips to the part for years. Three different tours are conducted at times distributed throughout the year so that also single travellers, a group of like-minded holiday friends can join. “The tour 1000 km of the Eastern of region of Cuba” is a guided tour without escort and luggage transport. The participants have the choice whether they 21 or only 14 days to travel with.